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Patience, Perseverance and Luck

Pink Taco restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

After enough time taking photos, you’ll find the knowledge you prized so much at the start isn’t that important after all. Many people ask so many questions about the technical aspects of photography, they forget about the other issues. I would look at the photos of others with fascination, often wondering how they made such […]

The Green Flash

The Green Flash

The Green Flash [pinit] Some folks think the Green Flash is a legend or myth. Others think it’s a restaurant. Well, it is a restaurant. There’s a place called “The Green Flash” within walking distance of this spot, but I can’t recommend it. My mother likes the place, but I wasn’t impressed. The Green Flash […]

Florida Sunrise

Florida Sunrise

Florida Sunrise [pinit] I am a few weeks away from going back to my favorite place to watch a Florida sunrise. Sanibel/Captiva is one of those places where you can just give in to relaxation.  The most adventurous sport on the island is searching the beach for seashells. Even that sounds like too much work […]

Sanibel Island Resorts

Sunset over palm trees in Captiva, FL

Summer at Sanibel Island Resorts This is one of those Florida scenes that probably means more to me than anyone else. It reminds me of being a barefoot boy going to the beach, scrambling down a dirt road, or just listening to the breeze rustling the palms.  I’m sure everyone has something like comforting from […]

The Surfer

A lonely surfer on the beach at sunset

  That lonely surfer out there must’ve been praying for some waves, but they just never came. I know a bit how he feels, except that I was praying for some clouds during this sunset at Blind Pass, between Sanibel & Captiva islands. You can’t always get what you want. However, he’s proof that you […]

How to Survive Winter

A dirt path leads to palm trees at sunset

Who can resist a path to a nice sunset under the palm trees? You can just imagine the ocean breeze and convenient cocktail service. There’s only one way to survive the Winter months, and that’s to avoid it. You can’t stop the snow, but you can leave town. Go someplace warm and learn a new […]