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Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit at Kennedy Space Center

Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit at Kennedy Space Center

The Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit at Kennedy Space Center opened over the weekend and I was there. Here’s a peek inside. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: William Beem Photography

Patience, Perseverance and Luck

Pink Taco restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

After enough time taking photos, you’ll find the knowledge you prized so much at the start isn’t that important after all. Many people ask so many questions about the technical aspects of photography, they forget about the other issues. I would look at the photos of others with fascination, often wondering how they made such […]

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Back to the Future [pinit] Endeavour is gone from Kennedy Space Center for good. It dredges up reminders of the end of the Space program in America. To me, it’s like Back to the Future. We’ve been here before. Instead of launching our astronauts into space using our own technology, we’ve relegated them to the […]

Discover the Art of Photography for 20% Less

Discover the Art of Photography

Save Money on Trey Ratcliff’s Discover the Art of Photography From today until the end of the month, you can save 20% off the cost of a registration for Discover the Art of Photography. Just use the coupon code DiscoverArt20 when you register. One of the reasons I’m happy to share the news about this […]

Resistance is Futile

A Borg Drone from Star Trek

The Hive Mind at Work Shhh!  He’s sleeping. I wanted to share this photo to prove a point. The Borg – for those of you who aren’t up to speed with Star Trek – are an inter-connected species that process and share information by parallel computing.  Essentially, each Borg processes information in support of the […]


Countdown Sequence with Apollo Launch Control Center

When you visit Kennedy Space Center, all roads lead to the Apollo/Saturn V Center. That’s because it’s the end of the tour destination, so they dump you there and you have to catch another bus to get back to the main visitor complex.  That’s OK, though. Not only do I like the show they put […]