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The Nikon D800 Discount

Staples Coupon 30% Discount

How much would you expect to save on a discount coupon for a Nikon D800? Maybe $100 or even $200?

Inspiration for You

The Seashell of Inspiration

Inspiration for You Inspiration is all around you. There are TED talks galore. Facebook is full of young models sharing quotes of inspiration and motivation. Photographers and designers on Google+ are perpetually sharing unsolicited advice designed to be uplifting. Shopping malls are full of inspirational posters. In fact, you can’t go through a day without finding […]

Waiting for Hurricane Isaac

Waiting for Hurricane Isaac

Waiting for Hurricane Isaac By the time Monday morning rolls around, Tropical Storm Isaac ought to be converting into Hurricane Isaac. Living in Florida, you spend a fair amount of time wondering if one of this bags full of wind and rain are going to plot a course through your living room.  Hurricane Charley damn […]

Sanibel Beach

Sanibel Beach

Sanibel Beach I’m back from a few days spent on Sanibel Beach, so no more re-runs for a while. This was a nice break for me, since I’ve been working practically every day since November. There is always something to do, but it eventually catches up with you and leads to burnout. Of course, there’s nothing […]

Sanibel Island Resorts

Sunset over palm trees in Captiva, FL

Summer at Sanibel Island Resorts This is one of those Florida scenes that probably means more to me than anyone else. It reminds me of being a barefoot boy going to the beach, scrambling down a dirt road, or just listening to the breeze rustling the palms.  I’m sure everyone has something like comforting from […]