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ThunderBay 4 And SoftRAID 5 Is Screaming Fast

ThunderBay 4

I bought a ThunderBay 4 disk enclosure with 16 TB capacity from Other World computing a few months ago. It’s finally up and running and I’m really happy with the results. Performance is more than double of my old system, and it has capacity to run much faster if I ever decide to upgrade my […]

The Life And Death Of Rechargeable Batteries

The Life And Death Of Rechargeable Batteries

Like many photographers, I rely upon rechargeable batteries. Not just the ones that come with a product, but also on the AA size that fit in my flash and battery grip. Sadly, I learned all too much about the life and death of rechargeable batteries at the worst possible time. As with most lessons in […]

Another Field Test With The Nikon 35mm Lens

Another Field Test With The Nikon 35mm Lens

It’s been a while since I told anyone how much I love the Nikon 35mm lens. There’s a Sigma 35mm that also gets very high praise. Perhaps some even better than the Nikon. However, I’m still quite happy with this little prime.

Switching To A Thunderbolt Storage System

Thunderbolt Storage System

I’ve been waiting for this day to come, but I’m finally switching to a Thunderbolt storage system for my photos and other data. There are a lot of fine options for mass storage on the market, and some crappy ones. Here’s what worked for me.

I’m Sending Back My Nikon D800

I'm Sending Back My Nikon D800

I never expected to love this camera as much as I do, but I’m sending back my Nikon D800 and it kills me.

Nikon Zoom Lens Reviews Updated

I had the opportunity to update my Nikon Zoom Lens reviews.  It seemed time to add some new insights to the reviews, including how some of the features translate into benefits.