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Hoover Dam Facts

Hoover Dam Facts

Deep Inside Hoover Dam – Just the Facts Look!  I have photographic proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Unfortunately, there’s also  a roughly 400 foot drop down a sheer surface to hot concrete below. Most visitors to the Hoover Dam only get the Power Plant tour, but there’s a longer […]

Dam Straight

Turbines inside the Hoover Dam

Inside the Hoover Dam Did you know that you can take a tripod inside the Hoover Dam?  I couldn’t take my camera bag (it was too big for their size restrictions), but I could take my D700, a couple of lenses and a tripod. Basically, I carried my camera mounted to the tripod in one […]

The Dam

The Hoover Dam at sunset

The Hoover Dam at Sunset There’s something about being at the Hoover Dam watching a sunset that you just can’t convey in a photo like this one. Gnats.  Billions and billions of gnats swarming all around my head, getting on my lens, and generally wreaking havoc with the peaceful evening I hoped to have that […]

Why I’m Still Not Switching to Lightroom 4

Escape Stairs inside the Hoover Dam

Escape from Hoover Dam! These steps inside of Hoover Dam are the ultimate stair master!  They’re at such a steep angle that they have more in common with a ladder than a staircase. Just imagine being deep inside this mammoth concrete structure and something goes wrong – like a power failure or explosion. The elevators […]

Looking Down Hoover Dam

View from the top of Hoover Dam

My mother would be very unhappy if she saw me leaning over the edge of the Hoover Dam to get this photograph. On the other hand, she doesn’t like to fly, so I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be around to chastise me. Some little boy ran and hopped up on the ledge near me […]