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The Dominance of Color

The Dominance of Color

I have a tendency to prefer color photos. More accurately, I love strong colors. Color contrast, color symmetry or color complements. Just as Joe McNally frequently points out the language of light, I enjoy the language of color. So when and why would, or should, you use black and white in your photography? The simple […]

More Thoughts On Motion Photography

Motion Photography

Motion photography means many things. I know photographers use it to convey a sense of action or even to help isolate a subject. Perhaps I’m a bit odd because I use it to take a subject’s mind off the fact that she’s being photographed.

This Inspires Me

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you may know that I hate posts that purport to inspire people. I don’t think we need people to ram inspiration down our throats. Instead, I prefer to discover things that inspire me, and this photoshoot really inspires me.

How to Capture a Moment

how to capture the moment

Everything I needed to know about how to capture a moment, I learned in the Boy Scouts.  It’s all right there in their motto. Be prepared.

When to Choose Black and White for Photos

When to Choose Black and White

How do you know when to choose black and white for photos? There’s a certain amount of personal taste, of course, but some photos lend themselves to monochrome. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: William Beem Photography

Crop Sensors and Focal Length Magnification

focal length magnification

There’s a belief that focal length magnification helps crop sensor cameras get more “reach” than a full frame camera shooting with the same focal length. It’s a bunch of hooey.