The Christmas Creep

Christmas Creep

The Christmas Creep

Christmas Creep – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Christmas Creep [pinit]

It seems the Christmas Creep starts a little earlier every year. For the past couple of week, I’ve noticed a billboard on a nearby interstate highway advertising a Christmas store. Internet Marketing web sites are advising people to start planning now for their Christmas campaigns. I got an e-mail today telling me we’re only 30 days away from Walt Disney World’s Christmas Party dates.

I like Christmas as much as anyone. Most of the time, it means flying off to Las Vegas, seeing all the decorations, listening to the music, smelling the peppermint perfume on the hookers, etc. It’s particularly fun at Hard Rock Hotel because they at least change the cocktail server costumes into a naughty Santa’s Helper outfit. I can understand that kind of Christmas Creep.

These days, we pretty much know that Christmas Creep kicks in after Halloween. We used to have some time until Thanksgiving to enjoy Autumn, but that’s long since given way to other holiday marketing efforts.  Apparently there’s more money in marketing Christmas than Thanksgiving. Such matters are beyond my scope. I’m still trying to figure out where those Hard Rock cocktail waitresses keep the naughty Santa’s Helper costumes during the rest of the year. With any luck, I’ll find out this year. Enquiring minds want to know.

This particular Christmas Creep is one of the Nutcracker Soldiers from Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. There was a bit of rain when I shot him, which is very much preferable to snow – at least in my opinion. That’s not to say that it never snows in the Magic Kingdom. They shoot it off the rooftops out of these big pipes. Seems to make people happy. Some because it’s snowing in Florida, others because it melts before it hits the ground and people start falling on their ass. It turns out that you really can please everybody!

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