Discover the Art of Photography

Discover the Art of Photography for 20% Less

Save Money on Trey Ratcliff’s Discover the Art of Photography

Discover the Art of PhotographyFrom today until the end of the month, you can save 20% off the cost of a registration for Discover the Art of Photography. Just use the coupon code DiscoverArt20 when you register.

One of the reasons I’m happy to share the news about this course is because I think there’s been a lack of foundation courses for photographers.  We have plenty of intermediate and advanced training, but there are always new users who need to understand the basics.  You’ll get comfortable with your camera, learn how to make good compositions, develop your own style, organize your photos and delve into post-processing. It’s a complete course to get your started on a lifetime of photography.

As I’ve said before, it isn’t the camera that creates the art.  It’s you.  Photography is a skill that anyone can learn. Like any other skill, it’s important to start with a great foundation that prepares you to grow and explore deeper concepts on your own. Discover the Art of Photography is for the beginner to intermediate photographer.

The 20% discount only applies to individual registrations, not the Bring a Friend promotion.  That one is already a great deal!

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The Captain’s Chair [pinit]

Discover the Art of Photography

The Captain’s Chair – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

 I must be the only one who didn’t think to sit in the Captain’s chair.  It happens.  I get so caught up in taking pictures and dodging tourists that sometimes I forget to participate. Not to say I wasn’t having fun on this set. The lights are crazy in here, complete with some rotating strobes that put splashes of color in all the wrong places. Then again, the original Star Trek TV show seemed to have some psychedelic lighting, too. Must’ve been a horrible work environment.

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