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Disney Fails It’s Own Objective

It’s been two weeks since I sent my letter to Disney’s Guest Communications on April 13 regarding the harassment I received from Disney Security while taking photos at Downtown Disney.  I asked them to provide a response within two weeks before I would attempt to escalate the issue.  When I sent the note, and auto-responder said that I would receive a reply within 12 days.  Sadly, I haven’t received any communication from Walt Disney World.

I’m sure someone at Disney is aware of the issue, as my server logs indicate 38 visits from Disney on the 13th and nearly four dozen visits overall since I sent my note to WDW Guest Communications.  I think two weeks is a sufficient amount of time to perform some preliminary investigation into my complaint and contact me, even if they did not have a resolution at the time.

To me, this is just another disappointment in guest relations from an organization that I truly felt was a world leader in the field of hospitality.  In fact, this is somewhat more disappointing than my initial encounter with Disney Security.  I presume that every Disney employee who interacts with guests has some basic training to deal with people, but security guards aren’t really known as the friendliest people in the world (with some exceptions, I’m sure).  However, the folks who work in Guest Communications ought to be the best people in the world at relating to people who have some complaint.

Think about it.  If Disney is, as I had imagined, the world leader in hospitality, then the people who deal with complaints there ought to have the most experience and best training for dealing with disappointed or even angry guests.  The fact that they couldn’t find the time to even reach out and let me know they were working on my issue is beyond pathetic.  Forget about my statement of two weeks.  Disney failed to meet its own objective to respond within 12 days.

I know that the people who work at Walt Disney World are real people with problems of their own.  It’s not magic that happens.  It’s training and a commitment to do your job that matters here.  If you have a job in Guest Communications, I would think that communicating with a guest, whether you agree or disagree with his issue, would be part of your job and the minimum acceptable level of performance.  It’s one thing to try and fail.  It’s also OK to disagree.  Failing to even try just isn’t something that earns anyone’s respect.

Perhaps that’s not surprising when you don’t deal with identifiable people.  There’s no one for me to hold accountable at Guest Communications.  My objective now is to communicate with someone who can and will hold them accountable.  My objective is to deal with someone who has the authority to make a decision and take action.

It seems my father’s old advice still rings true:  Don’t waste time with the peons.  Just go to the top.

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  1. Wish I was surprised to see this post… but what is a big company to do when someone calls them on their failures? Especially in the brave new world of social media?

    Ignore it and hope it goes away?

    So it would seem. :-/

  2. FYI- Things happen VERY SLOWLY at Disney. You may or may not get a response from them. My guess is that you will. Like I said before, the security folks at Disney World can be a pain in the rear end. Some of them are very nice, and some are not. I have been shooting at Disney for a long time, and have been harassed many times through the years. If you are holding a pro camera, you might as well have a big target on your back. If you are in a back stage area, and have a camera, you will surely get noticed. Security is out looking for us people with pro gear. For some reason, the worst places to get harassed by Disney security are Downtown Disney, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Especially the Magic Kingdom. If you want to complain to the person at the top, address your follow up letter to Ms. Meg Crofton. She is at the top of the Disney ladder in Orlando. Meg is a wonderful person. You will most likely get a response. Other than that, try to remember that Disney Security cast members are just carrying out their orders from above. They can be like a pebble in your sneaker. ABRASIVE! But they are not going to go away. If I were you, I would not waste anymore of your energy demanding a response from Disney or threatening them. They don’t like to be threatened. They may restrict you from their property if you continue to fight them, even though you did nothing wrong other than take some photographs. They are who they are and it’s not going to change just because of you, or me. I’ve gotten some great photos at Disney World through the years. Out of the thousands of images, I might have been harassed 10 times. It’s been worth the aggravation. I have always worked it out with them (security) and have always been exonerated, one way or the other. But I do agree with you that they could handle things in a nicer way. They tend to target you and once that happens, your “Disney Experience” is about to go bad! Good luck with whatever you decide to do. If I were you, I would forget about it and just let it go. It’s not healthy to carry the burden.


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