Disney Patio Furniture

Disney Patio Furniture

Disney Patio Furniture – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

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There is a ton of Disney patio furniture spread around Walt Disney World, and most of it is rather uncomfortable to me. This restaurant breaks the mold.  It’s colorful, peaceful and set away from the flow of traffic.  Unless someone brings a screaming child back here (and that’s a distinct possibility), it can be a nice little reprieve from all the activity at a theme park. I got lucky and found it empty one evening.

I wonder how many people visit Walt Disney World and never come across this little place? It isn’t an obvious stop, unless you’re having lunch at a particular restaurant inside Animal Kingdom.  The front of the restaurant is just a couple of windows with counter service.  Some folks must walk away complaining about the lack of tables if they don’t wander down the path to get here.  It’s a shame if they miss it.  For them, not for me.  I now proclaims all of this Disney patio furniture to be my own private retreat from the rest of the tourists.

There’s a little cascading waterfall in the greenery behind the patio. The Discovery River and Mount Everest is just behind me in this shot. The only thing this place needs to to get a better restaurant attached to it.  Seriously, most of the food at Walt Disney World really sucks.  At least they have some nice Disney patio furniture here, though. That makes it worth the stop. That, along with the view.

Sometimes you can find a great view with horrible Disney patio furniture, though.  Have you ever gone to the upper level of the train station at the Magic Kingdom?  It has a wonderful view of Main Street. Unfortunately, the Disney patio furniture there could be construed as a Medieval torture device. In fact, I think it’s the worst of all the Disney patio furniture. Probably because it’s a popular location and they don’t want people camping out there in comfort.  It works, because I just can’t sit up there very long.

This place gives me ideas, though.  I may have to build something like this in my back yard.  Now where do I get that Disney patio furniture?