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Halloween is Here Again

Halloween is Here Again

Jordan – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Halloween is Here Again

I know what you’re thinking.  Well, I know what some of your are thinking. Then the rest of you are thinking, “Hey, that’s not a scary picture.” You’re right. I figure the web will be full of creepy, scary photos and images today. Why be a follower? I decided to go a different direction and share something that’s not scary – unless you’re a teenage boy. In that case, seeing a beautiful woman in a pool smiling would probably scare the crap out of some boys. So, I figure this photo has my bases covered for the Halloween holiday. You can decide if you’re scared or not. It’s all mental.

As long as we’re talking about Halloween, I thought I’d share the results of the dilemma I posted last week. I ended up buying a plethora of chocolate covered candy. $50 worth of candy. Way too much, because the kids that come to my house are very polite and only pull out one piece when I hold the candy bowl for them. That sort of behavior just isn’t tolerated in my house! I tell them to try again and come out with a fistful of candy. Some of the kids are absolutely delighted when I tell them “take more!” Others are a bit confused, perhaps because their parent have given them the rule and here I am contradicting what they were told. That usually happens with the toddlers. Some cute little princess comes up and pulls out one Snickers bite-sized piece and thinks she’s got a prize. On the other hand, the older boys who come around don’t have to be told twice to haul out more candy. I guess it balances out in the end.

When I bought my candy, the cashier asked me where I lived so she could bring her kids by on Halloween. Now that tells me I got the good stuff and plenty of it. If there’s too much (as if excess candy is something that exists), I’ve from Carl Griffin that you can share this stuff with troops overseas. Carl left a message on the site’s Facebook Page saying that a local dental group asks for the extra stuff to share. That works fine by me. If you find yourself in the same spot, I hope you’ll consider sharing it with some military folks who could use a nice treat.

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