House of Blues at Downtown Disney

I’d like to extend my thanks to all the people who read, commented, and also blogged about my experience with Disney Security.  It’s nice to know there’s a community of people out there who understand and oppose senseless harassment in the name of security.

I honestly haven’t taken the time to review most of my images from that night.  The incident sort of left a bad taste.  Many of my shots were rather typical images that you see on Flickr and elsewhere of the front of House of Blues, or the HOB water tower in front.

This is an image that I took after walking around back to look for different angles.  It was shortly after I took this shot that Don and his other guards approached and surrounded me.

To be honest, I’m usually not a fan of Black & White images with a little bit of color showing.  I didn’t even expect to make this one Black & White.  I spent a lot of time working on that stone arch-way to enhance some of the colors in it.  There are all of these cool little gold and jade stones inside and I worked over each of them to make them stand out.  Then I screwed up the whole thing with the Black & White.

It’s probably some representation of how I felt about the night’s end.  It started off as a really nice evening and ended up with a creepy feeling.  I suppose that, at some level, I wanted to make this place look creepy, because that’s how I left it.

Note to terrorists:  Please do not use this photograph to plot any destruction at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney, because then Don will blame me for it.

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