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Just One Look

Female Model under archway

Just One Look - © Copyright 2011 by William Beem

This is another from the photoshoot last week with Sam.  We tried a number of different poses, attitudes, etc.  She was even spinning around on some because I wanted to get some motion in the images.  To be honest, it was kind of fun.  However, we ended up this set with a bit more subtle poses, including this one where she’s just looking right through the camera.

You try a number of things on a shoot so you have options later, but I never really know which one I like best until it’s all over and I’m back home reviewing the images.  Sometimes you click the shutter and know you’ve got the shot, only to be surprised about something else later. It all boils down to just one look, though.

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  1. Wow, she is gorgeous! and so is your portrait. Your work is wonderful! So glad I had a look. I’ll be back!:)

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