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The Dominance of Color

I have a tendency to prefer color photos. More accurately, I love strong colors. Color contrast, color symmetry or color complements. Just as Joe McNally frequently points out the language of light, I enjoy the language of color. So when and why … [Read more]

The Evolution of an Image

I thought I'd show the evolution of an image today. Everything from the initial capture to my post-processing workflow to complete it. The image itself is just a snapshot, but it was a good subject for this kind of discussion. That's because we … [Read more]

First Look At Intensify Pro From MacPhun Software

Intensify Pro from MacPhun Software is part of a new generation of photo editing software. It works as a plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture, but it also works well as a stand-alone editing tool. The developers at MacPhun Software managed … [Read more]

It’s Just A Photo

I was setting up for a shot at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom a few years ago when I caught some criticism from a mother with her kids. She summed it up with just a few words.  It's just a photo. Believe it or not, that's been nagging me for these … [Read more]

Cuban Cars in Havana

Many people dream of the classic American cars still on the roads in Cuba. I can't say that it was much of a draw for me, as I'm just not a car guy.  Being there gave me an entirely different perspective, though.  These are no longer classic American … [Read more]

Is Photo Theft A Big Deal?

Is photo theft a big deal to you? Almost every photographer I know has had some photo or another stolen and used without permission. Those who haven't had anything stolen almost seem jealous that their work isn't good enough to steal. … [Read more]