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Roy Disney

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Roy Disney

Roy Disney – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Everyone knows the name Walt Disney, but there would be no Walt Disney World (or much of the other parts of the business) without his brother Roy. When Walt died in 1966, it was his brother Roy who stayed on with the company to complete the Disney World project. Roy even changed the name to Walt Disney World in tribute to his brother (or so says Wikipedia). So it’s very fitting that there are statues of both brothers inside the Magic Kingdom. Most folks know of the Partner’s statue in the Hub before Cinderella Castle with Walk holding hands with Mickey Mouse. Before you get that far into the park, though, you can find this statue of Roy with Minnie Mouse in the Town Square as you enter the park. Roy Disney was the business mind behind Walt’s creativity.

You know why I like this statue of Roy Disney, though? Because it’s about the only damn place in the park where I can sit down by myself. Try getting a seat for one person in any crowded place. It’s damn near impossible. At least this bench has room for one more person – and that’s me. Roy and Minnie never bother me, scoot over too far into my space, or give me dirty looks just for trying to exist as a lone person. That’s more than I can say for everyone else in the park. It’s a place where most other folks don’t try to sit because they’re in a group and there isn’t room. If I try to get a meal in one of the restaurants, most of the tables are taken and if you’re lucky enough to find one, people will keep pestering you about when you’re going to leave because they somehow think their right to a table is more important than yours.  Damn tourists, I’ll leave when I finish my sandwich, and that’s going to take longer if you keep bothering me.

Roy, you should have made a few more accommodations for single visitors. At least this one works, though.

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