The Importance of Clouds

There are times when I wish for rain.  Not just a passing shower, but an all-day soaker.  Well, my wish certainly came true this weekend in Florida. It rained continuously.  Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday.  Rain.  Relentless rain. I’m sure nobody mowed their lawn this weekend. It was quite a contrast to the previous […]

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I’m Attracted to Turmoil

The Best Pictures Happen in the Worst Weather I’ve heard many photographers share that statement. I’ve seen many peaceful scenes replicated in photographs; some of them were my own. On the whole, though, I prefer a bit of turmoil. It’s not always pleasant when you’re out in it trying to make your image. It’s cold. […]

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Elements of a Sunrise or Sunset

On Monday, I posted a sunset shot scene similar to this one. Many of the elements were the same – rocks, water and a sky with twilight on the horizon. Although I liked the shot, I was concerned that it was bereft of an important element – clouds. Without clouds, the sunset was just a […]

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Redfish Pass

Hello, everyone.  I’m back from my holiday break. This year, I decided to spend a few days on Captiva Island. When I was younger, I traveled with my parents once a year to their timeshare on Sanibel Island.  Sanibel & Captiva are just off the Ft. Myers, FL coast, connected by a causeway. Although I […]

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