A Muse

Musician in the lobby of The Venetian in Las Vegas
A Muse - © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

One Thing Leads to Another

I like to wander around the resorts when I visit Las Vegas.  There are always familiar scenes and there are new decorations.  It's a bit of a mix. The lobby of The Venetian is one of those familiar things that I like to shoot.  I keep trying to find a time when it's empty, but that's not easy.  Las Vegas is a 24×7 town and this lobby is pretty popular. So, I didn't get the shot I had in mind on this trip.

Instead, I found this musician resting on the fountain and a muse struck me.  It wasn't what I had in mind, but that's one of the things I like about photography.  Sometimes you get something you didn't anticipate.

Reviews for Suburbia Press

I'm starting to see some feedback on the two eBooks I launched at Suburbia Press this week, so I'm pretty happy they're being well received.

First, +Kevin Graham shared this post on Google+ about a couple of his decisions, including my Basic Photography Techniques eBook. Although it was conceived for folks getting started with photography, Kevin reminds us that sometimes it's good to find another perspective on things we know.

Next, +Michelle Hedstrom wrote a review on both eBooks – Basic Photography Techniques and Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture on her blog, Check out her review at on her web site.

There's more in the pipeline for new eBooks and some videos to come, so please stop by Suburbia Press for previews of upcoming titles.

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