Are You Ready for Photoshop CC?

The better question may be, “Is Photoshop CC ready for you?” Read on to see why you may want to wait a while before installing it.

Photoshop CCEveryone anticipates new software. New features are exciting and we want to start using them right away. That's the optimistic point of view. The other side of the coin is that new features introduce new problems. I'm already hearing about some important issues with Photoshop CC that may be worth holding off on installing the latest prize from Adobe.

Photoshop CC: New Features, New Faults

First, let's look at the good things for photographers. It's a short list. The best item for photographers in Photoshop CC is probably the fact that you can now use Camera RAW as a filter inside of Photoshop. No more saving your file, going back to Lightroom or Bridge, and then going back into Photoshop.

Many folks will certainly think this is a cool new feature. I tend to wonder why didn't it work like that int he first place. When I first started using Photoshop, I drove myself crazy looking for the button or menu that would launch Adobe Camera RAW. When I learned that you couldn't get to it from Photoshop, I was a bit pissed. I'm pleased to see this works as I initially expected right in Photoshop.

Speaking of filters, you may find that some of your 3rd party filters don't work in Photoshop CC. At the very least, not right away. Alan Hess was the first person I saw to shared this warning 3rd party filters don't work with Photoshop CC. He's since posted an update to get Nik Software working, but you may still find other products need an update before they'll work in Photoshop CC.

You Never Want To Be The First Kid on the Block To Get New Software

This isn't exactly the first time that a new version of Photoshop was incompatible with some plugins. Let's not lay all of the blame on Adobe, though. Software development of a complicated application gets handled by a lot of different people. While there is ample review in the process, there are also deadlines to meet and sometimes things get squeezed through to meet a scheduled date.

Also keep in mind that Adobe can't be responsible for the code of all it's plugin vendors. The fact that these plugins may or may not work is beyond Adobe's scope. It may be that Adobe changed something that caused those plugins to get confused, or it may be that the plugin vendors didn't quite follow Adobe's development guidelines and it bit them in the behind with this release. I don't know.

That's why you don't want to rush into changing your production software, particularly if you don't have a plan to revert to the prior version. Let someone else be the guinea pig. Let them find the bugs and deal with the problems while you happily work in your present version. After a short while, you'll see a software update to fix the new faults, 3rd party vendors will update their software or offer instructions to make it work with Photoshop CC. Just give it time.

Those new features will still be there once all the dust settles.

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