Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR Software Introduced By Trey Ratcliff And Macphun

Trey Ratcliff and Macphun introduced a new HDR software program on Monday. Since it's from Macphun, you know it only works exclusively for the Mac. Sorry, PC users. This one won't work for you. If you have a Mac and you're curious to check out something new to change the way you look at HDR, read on.

Trey's Introduction of Aurora HDR Software

Just a few days ago, I was wondering if HDR was still relevant these days. We have cameras with much greater dynamic range and sensitivity to low light conditions. It's been a long time since I've broken out my copy of Photomatix to tone map an image.

Don't get me wrong. I still love dynamic range. I still shoot brackets. The thing that changed was my tolerance for the grungy HDR look that is so prevalent in so many photos. I changed my technique.

Now there is a new player on the scene and I'm ready to change once again. Take a look at this video where Trey Ratcliff introduces the new Aurora HDR Software.

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Key Benefits of Aurora HDR Software

Forget about features. Let's look at what this software does for you.

  • You save time
  • It doesn't require Lightroom or Photoshop
  • You get multiple creative tools that would ordinarily require purchasing several plugins

As you can see in Trey's video, Aurora HDR software is very fast at merging your images and giving you a nice starting point.

While you can use it as a plugin with Lightroom and Photoshop, you don't need those programs. It works as a stand-alone tool to process your images, either a single image or a bracket of different exposures.

The software allows you to make either global or local adjustments. You can stack adjustments on different layers and use the brush to bring changes in or mask them out. That means you can add some strong detail to a portion of your image while leaving another area alone – no more grungy clouds or fractured skies in your HDR images.

When you look at the tool palette in Aurora HDR software, you have a great set of resources that would normally span multiple plugins. You get tools for noise reduction, glow, color adjustment, detail enhancement, exposure control, textures and more.

You get integration to share your photos on Facebook, Flickr, and SmugMug. You can export your images to other Mac apps. You get plugin integration with Aperture, Lightroom and Photoshop.

Order Now.  Save Now.

Macphun has a special deal before the launch. If you order Aurora HDR software before it ships on November 19, you can save some money and purchase the software for $89. After that, the introductory pricing goes away and Aurora HDR software will cost you $100.

You can also get a 60 minute tutorial video created by Trey Ratcliff for $29, which goes up to $40 after November 19.

There's more, if you order through my affiliate link.

As with every affiliate offer I make, you can count on a few things.

  • I only recommend things that I use and enjoy
  • I provide support for the items that I offer. Whether you need help understanding the program or dealing with the vendor, I'll be there to provide assistance

I'm looking forward to creating videos to show this software with my own photos so you can learn how to use it with different types of images. I'll share some of my own presets, too. Using my affiliate link costs you nothing extra, and you get some extra value for your order that you won't get anywhere else.

Just click the image below or use my affiliate link at

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