Beach Watch

It got a bit nippy last night. It made me long for summer moments and my own little version of Beach Watch.Perhaps only a tad here in Central Florida, but the news reports showed snow in the Deep South which, somewhat ironically, is north of me. All those images of cars covered with snow and people slipping on ice just put a chill down my spine. It made me want for warmer days, which also ironically, was the day before yesterday around here.

Creating Beach Watch

You'd think this would be rather simple. Find a beach. Find some people who watch it. Get them to run in slow motion to 80's music while you take pictures.

OK, it's not hard to find a beach in Florida. You can get some red swimsuits almost anywhere, including some borrowed from the City of Orlando. They don't need it, as Orlando doesn't have a beach. The problem is running in slow motion. Causes some problems.

First, it seems absolutely stupid to do it. The girls were cracking up and felt absolutely ridiculous re-enacting the old Bay Watch scene. Second, running in slow-motion is actually more like bouncing along the beach. Bouncing and bounding right at you. That does a great job of making sure the hair is flying through the air, but you also end up with a lot of shots with that hair in the face of at least one of your subjects.

Then there's the issue of feet. Have you ever looked at many still shots of people running? If you don't get the timing right when the legs are at one extreme or the other, it just looks awkward. Now multiply that with three people who are out of step with each other and someone is bound to end up looking out of sorts.

Ultimately, it's just supposed to be a fun shot and we had fun making it. Rather silly fun. For those of you who are stuck in the snow today, here's your Beach Watch break to take you someplace a little different.

Beach Watch

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