Big Day for Evie

I'll be glad to get through today.  My youngest dog is going under the knife to correct a torn ACL. That's why it's a big day for Evie.

Big Day for Evie

Sunday Afternoon At My House

This photo is pretty much how Sunday afternoon looks around my place. Once I finish mowing the lawn, shopping for groceries and doing laundry, it's good to kick back and relax before facing another Monday. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything on Sunday afternoon. I just hang out with the Boys.

That's the name one of my old girlfriends gave to my dogs. The Boys. I've always had male dogs. Then fate dropped Evie in my home and suddenly changed the entire dynamic of the place.

She did that in more ways than one. It's like she walked inside and said, “This will do.  I think I'm in charge now.” That was news to Zach, my Golden Retriever who now finds himself the old dog and no longer the Alpha. Milo is only three months older than Evie, but too incredibly dopey to be in charge of anything. Evie pushed her way to the head of the pack, front and center.

So this is my view when it's time to relax. The boys are a little further away and Evie sits on my ottoman like it's her throne. Everyone accepts their place.

Playing Rough

Being close to the same age, Evie and Milo tend to play harder than either do with Zach. The run full speed in the back yard, taking turns chasing each other. Then sometimes they just run straight at each other and literally body-slam in mid air. It's easy to be invincible when you're young.

I can only guess that's what happened to Evie when I came home from Cuba. My mother was taking care of the dogs and she let me know Evie was limping. At first, it didn't phase me that much. She's always stretched and tweaked her hind legs. I asked the vet about it months ago and described how she stretches her legs when she gets down from my ottoman.

He examined her and didn't find any problem, but said she was probably popping a joint, sort of like if your back goes out. There was nothing to do.

Things are different this time.  She's been through a couple of exams and X-Rays to confirm her ACL was torn.

No more playing rough with Milo. No more being the Alpha dog, either. There's a different dynamic in the house. She's a little better due to the medication and the limp isn't pronounced as it once was, but she's still careful with that leg.

The Big Day for Evie

I'm not particularly worried for Evie because of the surgery. She's young, healthy, and pretty damn tough. The part that bothers me is leaving her alone overnight. She was very nervous when I dropped her off for the day earlier this week. Despite the fact that she was surrounded by people who take good care of her, she doesn't know those people.

Evie likes her family and that's where she wants to be.

She'll have to stay overnight with a pressure bandage and, I'm sure, one of those goofy cones around her neck. Once she gets home, I need to keep her isolated from the Boys so they don't inadvertently hurt her.

Evie's leg will have titanium plates and other things that need to heal. One collision with Milo could undo the whole mess. The surgeon called me last night and told me her recovery will take about three months.

That means she's going to be in a crate while the Boys are inside, or vice-versa when we go outside. I'll have to take her for walks to get some physical therapy, but she won't be able to play with the Boys at all. At least, not for a few months.

On the bright side, she'll get plenty of quality time with me and what girl wouldn't want that?

Down the road, she's going to face some problems as she ages. The surgeon tells me she'll get arthritis as a result of the surgery, so I expect she'll have pills to take for years to come. Zach does the same thing twice a day. In some ways, it's a nice ritual every morning and evening. He thinks it's a treat. Now that Evie gets some pills on the same schedule, she's trying to climb on top of me to get her share.

I get a tremendous amount of happiness from my dogs. Always have. Sometimes that means a little heartbreak creeps in to make sure you know how much you appreciate them.



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  • Michelle H April 4, 2014   Reply →

    I hope everything goes well. I totally get the satisfaction gotten from dogs. Even though we have a son now, I still play and pet my dogs, and love them. And now that Peter is old enough, he LOVES playing with them as well. Every morning he insists on coming in our room instead of going down to play because he wants to snuggle and pet them. I guess even though I’m still tired, I can’t get too upset about that.

    Evie will recover in time, and she’ll be able to play with them again.

    • William Beem April 4, 2014   Reply →

      Thanks, Michelle.

      As it turned out, she didn’t get her surgery today. The surgeon called me after reviewing her X-Rays and we talked about it. The bone in her leg developed differently than most dogs, and he was concerned that it wouldn’t be a good anchor for the titanium plates. We agreed it was best to hold off until he could consult with a specialist and get another opinion.

      She may be good to go with the type of surgery he performs, or we may need to find another surgeon who does a different technique. I’ll know more on Wednesday.

      For now, she’s still limping a bit, but she’s very happy to be home and trying to crawl in my lap every chance she gets. Not surprisingly, she’s on my ottoman as I type.

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