SmugMug Buys Flickr

Last week we got the news – SmugMug buys Flickr. OK, now what? SmugMug vs. Flickr Before I get started, I want to disclose that I am an affiliate for SmugMug. I have no knowledge of the inner workings of SmugMug, but I do get paid if you decide to purchase an account with SmugMug […]

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3 Tips for Better Travel Photography

We have 3 tips for better travel photography in this episode of The Photo Flunky Show. Unlike most of the tips you hear about travel photography, we aren’t lecturing about composition, rule of thirds or anything technical. Instead, the topics we discuss have more to do with your preparation and you’re state of mind so […]

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The Digital Photography Book

Book Review- The Digital Photography Book

The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby is the world’s best selling book on digital photography. It began a series of similar books to follow that teach photography concepts and techniques in a simple and easy to understand method. Scott’s premise is to avoid a lot of the technical jargon and explain how to do […]

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The Flash Book

Book Review: The Flash Book

The Flash Book by Scott Kelby starts off with a premise. You’re not going to learn everything about flash photography in this book (though it covers quite a bit). The intent here is to teach you a pretty simple system to get you up and running with your small flash. You won’t need a light […]

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