I Put a Spell on You

Cinderella’s Castle in a Sunrise Fog I joined some friends to photograph the sunrise in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom yesterday morning.  Disney had a promotion for Leap Day to stay open 24 hours.  While spending the entire day there didn’t interest me, a sunrise shot is a unique opportunity that doesn’t really come about very […]

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The Other Side of France

  One of the things that seems to spark intense debate among photographers is cropping.  It seems like such a simple thing, but I’ve witnessed a few fierce arguments over how a photo should be cropped, or even if it should be cropped it all.  Some people will become rather obstinate about how you screwed […]

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Company 71

The fire station in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom glows in the sunset after a rainstorm. I really had to wait for this shot because it was filled with tourists.  That’s not unexpected at the world’s most popular theme park.  Most of them were totally oblivious to this scene, but I was sucked into it. […]

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The Ghost Bridge

By day, this bridge is filled with tourists going back & forth at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. After the sun goes down, the tourists are gone and you think that you’ve found a lonely spot to yourself as you listen to the screams coming across the water from Expedition Everest. Are you really alone, though? […]

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The Bootlegger

I can imagine this old Chevy truck running up & down some mountain roads hauling a load of moonshine hidden inside the Coca-Cola coolers. It seems innocent enough. The old stories of NASCAR beginnings with moonshine runners with souped up cars are true enough, but you have to figure that some of them went with […]

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Splash Mountain at night

Splash Mountain

The Blog Design Welcome to the new face of the blog.  If you’re reading this when the post is new, then the site looks different than it did last week.  If you’re reading this from far in the future – please send word if you’re DAMNED DIRTY APES!  Also, readers from the future should realize […]

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