Chicks Dig a Wookie

What's a Wookie to do? Chicks always be flirting.

Dance, Wookie. Dance!

Let's be honest. I've got nothing useful for the blog today. Every once in a while, it's just an excuse to post a photo for the fun of it. I could try to weave a story for it, but not this time. I'm just going to post this shot of a Wookie with way too many women hanging on his every move.

This shot is from the Hyperspace Hoopla show at Star Wars Weekends this year. Getting a good place to shoot is a pain, since it means showing up hours before the show to stake out a spot near the stage. At least it's a fun show to watch.

One of the things I've noticed from one year to the next is that the show is getting oriented a bit more to an adult audience than the typical family fare you expect from Disney. That's not to say it's raunchy, but there are a few moments I've captured that kind of make me wonder who choreographed this show.

It's mostly tame, at least until Padmé and Leia come out in their tight or scantily clad clothing. It's not just the clothing, though. A few of the moves are a bit suggestive. Stuff that you wouldn't think twice about at any other dance show starts to make you think a bit when it's on the main stage at a Walt Disney World park in front of family armed with titanium strollers.

Big Wookie Style

Then there's the Wookie. He's not the first Disney character to show up without pants (I'm looking at you, Donald Duck). I just think Chewbacca flaunts his nudity a bit too much. Think of the children, Chewbacca.

Despite that concern, I really wish I knew where to get a hat like that one.


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