Lightroom Classic Portrait Brushes

This short course provides instructions to use my Lightroom Classic Portrait Adjustment brushes (included as a download inside the course). It's a free course, though registration is a requirement.

William · November 1, 2020

The Lightroom Classic Portrait Brushes are downloadable inside of the course – specifically in the lesson describing how to install the brushes.

You'll see a tab labeled Materials at the top of the course. Select that and find the link to download the brushes to your computer or your Dropbox link.

The rest of the course includes brief lessons describing how to use each of the brushes.

What's Included in the Lightroom Classic Portrait Brushes?

The course contents are below, which tells you that you'll learn how to install the Lightroom Classic Portrait brushes, and then have individual lessons on using each brush.

The skin smoothing brushes are actually two separate items. One for light skin and one for dark skin. The concepts are the same and covered in the video. Choose the one that works best for your portrait subject.

You'll also find a ZIP file included in Lesson Two, which covers Installing the brushes. Be sure to look at the Materials tab above the video to get the download link for the ZIP file with the assets you need.

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