End of the Line for Nik Software Coupon Codes

It truly is the end of the line for Nik Software Coupon Codes. Google is ending the program at the end of the month, so this is your very last chance to save 15% on Nik Software.

Why Are Nik Software Coupon Codes Going Away?

I mentioned this was coming about a month or so ago, but now the deadline is almost here. If you want to save 15% on the Nik Software Collection, you have only until July 31st. After that, you'll be stuck with the full price. Why pay more when you can use my coupon code – WBEEM – to save money?

Here's what's happening to cause the coupon codes to disappear. When Google bought Nik Software, they changed their affiliate system from to the Google Affiliate Network. Makes sense, right? Now that Nik Software is part of Google, they used the in-house affiliate system.

What the good folks at Nik Software didn't see coming was that the Google Affiliate Network was targeted as another service that Google decided to kill. It happens. Just as Google killed off Google Reader and countless other services, Google management decided that it no longer wanted to be in the affiliate network business.

In a way, I got lucky that my code has lasted this long to share with my readers. Most other affiliates have already lost their custom Nik Software coupon codes, so it's pretty hard to find one that worked over the past couple of months. After July 31st, 2013 – there won't be any coupon codes left at all. The underlying service for those coupon codes won't work anymore, so get your 15% savings while you can. Trust me, the software that costs less is just as good as the software that will cost you more starting in August.

Use The Same Software Pros Use

Take a look at some of the stunning photos that your favorite pro photographers developed. Chances are good they used Nik Software to enhance those images. Color Efex and Silver Efex are practically the industry standard plugins used by countless pros and advanced amateurs to finish their images.

If you'd like more detail, please read my Nik Software Review. I'll show you some examples of what you can do with the Nik Software tools, and that's just scratching the service.

Why use plugins? If you're really advanced, you can do many of the same things in Photoshop.  That's if you have sufficient skills. Even then, it will take you much, much longer than it will compared to using a plugin took like Nik Software. Since the collection works inside of Aperture and Lightroom, you can even save yourself a trip to Photoshop just using the tools in those programs and with your Nik Software plugins.

Less time. Better images. 15% savings. Do it now. Just click here and use my coupon code to get started – WBEEM.

Third Time May Be The Charm At Photoshop World

I'm looking forward to attending PhotoshopWorld in Las Vegas soon. It runs in the first week of September at the Mandalay Bay convention center. This is always a fun event for me, both due to the information and the friends I see at Photoshop World.

If you've followed my blog for a while, you may know that I've attended the Real World Concert Photography pre-conference workshop twice before. Why twice? Did the information change from one year to the next? Perhaps a little, but not substantially. There are two reasons I attended this same workshop twice.

  • It's killer fun!
  • There's a contest to win a new Nikon camera

I've never won that prize. My photo didn't make the final cut during the first year, but I made the final three on the second year. Someone else won the camera, but here's the part that killed me. He won it using a photo that was almost identical to one I shot, but didn't submit. No one to blame but myself. However, I've learned from both experiences. Could the third time be the charm for me at Photoshop World this year? Can I come home with the first place prize?

No way to tell, but one thing is clear. I can't win if I don't try, so I will try again. Even if I don't win, it's still killer fun!

Speaking of Photoshop World in Las Vegas, NAPP announced yesterday that all attendees who paid for the full conference will also receive a year of Adobe Creative Cloud as part of their registration. Not just for Photoshop, but for the entire Creative Cloud.

It's one thing to rail about the price of Creative Cloud for photographers as it's more expensive than the old licensing model, but I see this as something completely difference. Sure, Adobe is trying to seed the base of CC memberships a bit. So why not take advantage of it? You get about a $600 value for attending a conference, plus you get everything that goes with the conference.

I'm impressed.

Nik Software Coupon Codes

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  • Oliver July 30, 2013   Reply →

    Awesome, thanks Bill…I had already bought Color, Silver Efex and Sharpener Pro before they bundled it at their current price and was on the fence about buying the rest of the collection. Your coupon code help me make the decision to get the rest. Thanks for sharing!

    • William Beem July 30, 2013   Reply →

      Outstanding! I’m glad it helped and hope you enjoy using your software. It’s really one of my favorite toolsets.

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