Experimenting with Rachelle

I'm experimenting a bit with this photo of Rachelle. It's quite a bit darker than most of my portraits and I'm honestly not sure if I like the processing technique or not.Sometimes I just have to live with an image for a day or two before I make up my mind. In this case, I decided to share the experiment as an example. When I view it full size on my 27″ iMac, I'm fairly happy with it. When I view it at a much lower resolution, it seems to dark that my subject nearly melts into the background.

For me. that's part of the process of growing. I have to try different things and discover if they work for me or not. Even when I've found post processing techniques that didn't work, it isn't a complete waste of time. That's because it forces me to think about why the image didn't work (or if I'm lucky, why it did work). Little by little, I carve out my own list of elements that I want to see in every shot. I develop these steps to my own style – even if I'm changing to a new style.

I took this shot at the Cuba Libre restaurant in Pointe Orlando, a collection of shops and restaurants near the convention center. The environment is dark, but colorful inside. It's a great place for portraits and I'd love to go back there someday for another shoot. The thing that concerned me with this photo is that the colors of the environment could be a distraction from my subject. In one version of this photo, I'm really pumping up the colors of the background. In this one, I'm pulling them way back.

Much of my own style has always been about color, and I truly love it. Doing the same thing so often makes me wonder, from time to time, if I'm missing out on other possibilities. I've found some great photos with muted, desaturated colors. Others look great with dark images that have splashes of light.

That's why I'm experimenting with Rachelle. It's one thing for me to like something I found in another person's photo, but something else entirely to put my own spin on it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. At least it's always educational. Even if I fail, I learn.



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