How to Charm the Pants off a Woman

How to Charm the Pants off a Woman

How to Charm the Pants off a Woman

How to Charm the Pants off a Woman

Fine Art Nude Photography

I'm guessing you didn't expect me to start off this week with a post on how to charm the pants off a woman, but here we are. In a post last week, I mentioned that I was preparing for a studio session with a friend. This is one of my photos from that session. The good news is that much of what I did to prepare paid off for me.  The bad news is that I still didn't get all the shots I wanted. That's not terrible news, though.  We only booked a half-day session and we managed to get a number of different types of photos.  High key, low key and a few keys in between. Most of all, we just had fun.

Although I didn't mention it earlier, we wanted to shoot some nudes – implied and otherwise. People react in surprising ways to nude photos. Some think any nude photo is pornography.  Others think it's fine art photograph.  Personally, I just wanted to be sure I could take a photograph of a model who wouldn't show up with those damn thigh-high striped socks.  I hate those things.

How to Charm the Pants off a Woman

This started to come together because of a request I received from the model through the Model Mayhem site.  Some models have made part of their living by traveling from town to town and booking sessions with photographers along the way.  When I received the note from her, I shared the request with my friend Steve.  It turns out that she was on his list of models that he wanted to shoot.  We split the fees for both he model and the studio.

Although I enjoy shooting portraits as much as anyone, I don't have a reputation for shooting nudes. Also, I'm really not on Model Mayhem very often.  That's why I was surprised to get her note. I asked her about it during the shoot and that's when I discovered that I have what it takes to charm the pants off a woman.  You see, I'm on a list.

Model Mayhem is full of lists. I mentioned that Steve had her on his list of models he wanted to shoot. Other photographers make lists like that, too.  People make lists about types of photos they want to shoot. It's sort of like Pinterest with boobs.

It turns out that the models have their own lists. I learned that I'm on a list of safe photographers. In other words, I'm part of a list of photographers on Model Mayhem that some model(s) recommended as a person who will not hassle, touch, annoy or stalk the models that I shoot. This was welcome news to me for two reasons.  First, that's because it's true. All I want to do is take some photos, crack a few jokes and have a fun session. Second, I was delighted to find out I wasn't on another shit list.

That's the secret of how to charm the pants off a woman.  Be respectful and have fun at your photo shoot. Remember that she's a model, not your date. A few weeks ago, I was at a group shoot and one of the models was visibly shaken when a photographer arrived who definitely stepped over the line with her.  He was even showing up at her place of work a few times.  That's just creepy.  Don't be that guy.  Be nice, take your photos and don't touch the models. They probably have another list for the guys who aren't on the safe list.   It's probably a shit list.

Now that you know how to charm the pants off a woman, use your power for good – not evil.  Take some nice photos of her and leave it at that.

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