How to Survive Winter

A dirt path leads to palm trees at sunset

Palm Sunset - © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Who can resist a path to a nice sunset under the palm trees? You can just imagine the ocean breeze and convenient cocktail service. There's only one way to survive the Winter months, and that's to avoid it. You can't stop the snow, but you can leave town. Go someplace warm and learn a new definition of “chill.” Relax.  Watch the coconuts grow. Watch the sunset.  Forget about putting chains on your tires.

Forget skiing. Hurtling down a mountain on a pair of sticks is an unnatural act that's fraught with danger. Did you ever notice there are no songs about skiing, but there are plenty of songs about the beach?  Go ahead, sit there with a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand.  It's only natural.

There's a reason I was born here.

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  • Michelle Hedstrom January 26, 2012   Reply →

    Ok you challenged me, you should know better than to say there’s “nothing” of something. “Ski Bum” by Darin Talbot –

    You can say there’s “almost no songs” about skiing, which would be true.

    • William January 26, 2012   Reply →

      That’s it? One song, and you had to search hard for it? Please, Michelle. That just drives my point home even more when you compare it to all the wonderful songs written about beaches, tropical islands and warm breezes – not to mention boat drinks! Jimmy Buffet is the international ambassador of proving my point.

      By the way, I listened to the sample. It reminds me that you can’t un-ring a bell.

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