Indecision is a Terrible Thing

The Thinker by William Beem

I'm generally not concerned about indecision.  There are always plenty of options, each with advantages and disadvantages.  I'd rather pick the one that suits me best at the moment and live with it.  The problem is that I'm not doing that right now.  I'm living with indecision because I have too much time on my hands before I need to make a decision.  Sometimes a deadline close at hand is a wonderful thing.

What am I whining about?  July is one of those months where I get an extra paycheck and I'm thinking about ways to blow it.  Yes, it would be wise to save it, invest it, or do other financially responsible things.  I've already made the decision to stimulate the economy, though.  It's my part of the recovery plan.  Someone else is going to get my money.  The only question is what I'm going to get in return.

I could buy the Nikon 14/24 f/2.8 lens.  After renting it for my trip to the D.C. area, I seriously want to have one of those in my bag.  On the other hand, I could take a trip someplace beautiful and grab some very nice images.  It's about time for a vacation.  I started off thinking that I was going to drive to Key West, but some friends suggested that I go to Cancun.  Then I realized I wanted to visit Iceland, but I couldn't get a flight booked because of the volcano that no one else can pronounce.  I just got off the phone with some friends who want me to come out to Vegas with them next month to watch Sting in concert.  These are the same nice folks who put me up in a nice suite at Mandalay Bay last fall for Photoshop World.  It had a private elevator that went down to the high limit room, which saved a bit of walking to the conference center.  It also had a bathtub that doubled as an olympic swimming pool.  If you're going to go to Vegas, go with friends who gamble heavily.

Then there's the nice Gitzo tripod I'd like, or the ThinkTank case that rolls on the ground instead of weighing on my shoulder.  I have a serious case of wanting more than I can have.  That's not the problem.  The problem is knowing that I actually can have some of it, so which is most important?  I'll have to give it some serious thought.

In the mean time, the Face and Body Art International Conference is coming back to Orlando this weekend.  I'm trying to swear off shooting most events, but I have to admit the people who operate and attend this show are some of the nicest folks I've ever met.  They are also exceptionally talented, too.  I first met them when I covered it as a story for the Orlando Sentinel, but went back again just because of the atmosphere these folks create. They have another local photographer to do the studio shots, so I'm not really needed.  Still, it may be nice just to say hello.  Besides, you never know what kind of stuff they're going to paint next.

Petals by William Beem

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