Jumping Justine

Justine by Sanford Riverwak
Justine 1 - © Copyright by William Beem

On Sunday, I met up with a local model who needed a few a few shots for her portfolio.  She had plenty of headshots and swimwear, but she wanted some full length and lifestyle images, and also something a little fun.

We met by the Sanford Riverwalk and worked on the full length and lifestyle shots with. As the light started dropping, we switched things up. One of the things I noticed during my portfolio review at Photoshop World was that all of my images were posed.  Staged. Static. I want to start getting some motion and action in my shots. Justine was great and had some ideas of her own.

Setting up the exposure was fairly simple. I took my first shots without flash to get the ambient exposure for the background, as below.

Justine at Sanford Riverwalk
Justine 2 - © Copyright by William Beem

One that was in place, my friend Steve held my SB-900 at 1/4 power about five feet away. We picked a spot for Justine to make her jump and I set my focus, then switched to manual focus so I wouldn't have problems with auto-focus hunting as she hit her mark.

It's an interesting exercise as a photographer.  I have my camera aimed at the mark and she's outside of my view as she starts.  That gives me a small window of opportunity to recognize she's in frame and at the peak of her jump. To be sure, I had some missed shots.

Justine at Sanford Riverwalk
Justine 3 - © Copyright by William Beem

Now that it's over and I'm reviewing the images, I can think of a few things we could've done to make things a little better – perhaps flagging the flash to prevent the spill on the ground. On the other hand, we kind of liked that spotlight effect when we saw it on the camera display. Also, there was a big storm with thunder and lightning cracked behind my back, so there was a sense of urgency to get our shots and get out of there before it hit.

Now that I have a taste of getting some motion in my shots, I want more. We'll have to see what comes next.  My thanks to Justine and Steve for a fun evening of photography.

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