Macphun Creative Kit XXL

Macphun Creative Kit XXL Boosts Your Summer Photography Fun

Announcing the Creative Kit XXL. The best photo editing software for Mac by Macphun. The best photography bundle. You can save over 90% compared to purchasing each item separately.

Creative Kit XXL – Limited Time Offer

I believe that the folks at Macphun are creating some great software for photographers. Specifically, Mac based photographers. It's fast, it's effective and the results look great.

This is software that I use and I'm happy to recommend it. I don't enter into affiliate relationships for something that I don't use myself. I'm always happy to tell you how much time you can save with the Macphun Creative Kit.

Now they've gone off and made a photography bundle for a great price $129.

Photography Bundle for the Mac

Make no mistake, the software from Macphun is just for the Mac. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the rest of the bundle if you use Windows, but the Creative Kit software and some of the other pieces really depend upon the Mac operating system.

I like getting a photography bundle like this one. It's not just because you get a lot more bang for you buck (you do), but also because you get to explore a lot of different experiences for the same price.

It's like summer time when the ice cream truck would come through your neighborhood. You could just get a Fudgesicle, and that's nice. On the other hand, you could get a Firecracker Popsicle with three different flavors.

Cherry, White Lemon and Blueberry on a stick. It was the perfect treat for a hot Independence Day. It was cool, delicious and it looked like a rocket.

This is your perfect treat for photography.

Here's What You Get in the Macphun Creative Kit XXL

If you've been looking at the Macphun Creative Kit for a while, you may recognize that price – $129. That's the price for usual bundle of six outstanding programs to help you enhance your photos, reduce noise, convert to black & white, eliminate unwanted objects and change your focus in post processing.

The difference now is that you get even more. For a limited time, you also get:

  • Noiseless CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
  • Intensify CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
  • Tonality CK – photo editor by Macphun $70
  • Snapheal CK – photo editor by Macphun $50
  • Focus CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
  • FX Photo Studio CK – photo editor by Macphun $30
  • Behind the Image – video guide by Ted Gore $65
  • The Posing Guide by Red Leaf Studios $60
  • The Lighting Guide by Red Leaf Studios $50
  • Africa with Athena – photo guide by Athena Carey $60
  • Live in Boston – photo guide by Frank Doorhof $40
  • E-Books collection by PhotoLesa (Lesa Snider) $30
  • OS X Video Guides from TheMacU $22
  • The Essentials of Street Photography $20
  • Video classes by Lesa Snider $50
  • The complete photography bundle by Mikko Lagerstedt $110
  • HDR tutorial video by Howard Snyder $60
  • Post processing techniques by Michael Breitung $18
  • E-books bundle by Nature Photo Guides $50
  • Shoot to Share video by Justin Novak $70
  • Creative Kit Walkthrough by Justin Noval $70
  • Light in Motion – photo guide by the Photographer's Element $145
  • Wildflower photography – ebook by Steve Berardi $20
  • Easy DSLR Blue photo course by Ken Schults $67
  • Lightroom presets from $20
  • Shooting stars – e-book by Phil Hart $15
  • Fire & Sparks – photo guide by DYI Photography $10
  • City series: London – photo guide by DYI Photography $45
  • Complete Lightroom presets collection by Contrastly $99
  • Travel LR presets by $40
  • RAW Sample Files by Dmitry Sytnik $30
  • Creative Photography Textures collection $40
  • Circular Studio – software by Brain Fever Media $30
  • Crazy Talk 7 – software by Reallusion $30
  • Flame Painter 3 – software by Escape Motion $90
  • Resize Sense – software by VeprIT $20
  • Watermark Sense – software by VeprIT $20
  • Picture Collage Maker – software by Pearl Mountain $40
  • 3 Free Months of Skillshare membership $30
  • CanvasPop Gift Card $30
  • 25% discount $10
  • 20% discount from KB Covers $10
  • 10% discount + a free Cuff from Peak Design $40
  • 30% discount on iBlazr $18

Adding Up The Macphun Creative Kit XXL

Let's put that all together.

  • Six of the top rated & best selling photo apps for the Mac
  • Over 40 educational resources
  • Over 1200 creative presets, textures and sample RAW files
  • Over 700 photo editing tools
  • Six more photo apps for the Mac
  • Six discounts from Macphun partners

If you've been thinking about the Macphun Creative Kit, now is the time to pull the trigger. The Macphun Creative Kit XXL gives you everything you already wanted, plus thousands of additional resources at your disposal.

I'm happy to recommend it as an affiliate and appreciate you using my link at

One More Thing

If you found this article after this event closes, don't worry. You can always use my regular coupon code to save 10% on Macphun software.

Just go to and enter the coupon code BEEM when you checkout.

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