Tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day 2012

Tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery

Far Too Many - © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Far Too Many

If you should ever visit Arlington National Cemetery (and you should) or any other the nation's other U.S. National Cemeteries, you may end up having the same thought that I had here.  There are just far too many lives represented here that were cut short.  It's both humbling and reassuring to visit such places.

Today is Memorial Day here in the USA.  Most offices are closed, but places of recreation are open. For me, it's a time to hide from the people who visit the Orlando attractions.  It's just as well, since Tropical Storm (or possibly hurricane) Beryl is closing in for a wet week.  Good thing I mowed the lawn yesterday morning before the rain started. That's not a complaint, though.  Sometimes I actually like a good week of rain.

For those of you on holiday, enjoy it.

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