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My Aperture Tutorial is on Flatbooks!


Aperture Tutorial

I'm happy to announce that Flatbooks is now carrying my Aperture tutorial eBook – Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture. You can find both the regular eBook version there and also the bonus version that includes the eBook and nearly an hour of HD video recording showing how to create your ideal Aperture workflow.

Aperture Tutorial to Improve Your Workflow

Is your photography workflow saving your time or wasting it? Can you find the images you want quickly or do you search through thousands looking for the perfect one? Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture gives you a fast, efficient and simple way to organize your photographs, audio and video by breaking down complex issues into simple decisions that anyone can master.

It all begins with preparing your volumes to have a working space for your digital media, laying the foundation to support your workflow by having resources for import, storage and archival. Using this easy strategy not only helps you organize your photos, but it also protects them in case of loss or damage to your system.

A great workflow should work the way the human mind works. Rather than creating an endless array of folders, I'll show you how to use color to quickly scan your photographs and identify the ones in each stage of your workflow. Working with multiple computers or different users using the same photos becomes as simple as pouring water from a pitcher to a glass.This tutorial doesn't just show you what tools exist in Aperture. You'll learn how to use these tools as part of a detailed workflow that you can build to simplify your photo management, yet remain flexible enough to use any criteria you want to organize and retrieve your photos.

I've spent years creating data systems and I'll show you how to implement a simple process that breaks down complex decisions into simple choices. Best of all, you aren't using my criteria to make those choices – you decide what's most important.

  • Understand Aperture's tools and how to use them to organize your photos and other digital assets
  • How to create a great workflow environment with your storage and backup strategies
  • How to create presets that do most of the work for you as you import your photos
  • Simplify your review process to make it fast & easy to spot your best photos
  • How to make the most of your metadata to find the images you want
  • Learn how to build a library once that you can re-use many times over again

 My Thanks to the Flatbooks Team

I'm very grateful to Trey Ratcliff of Stuck In Customs. for inviting me to join the other great authors on Flatbooks. I also want to thank Luke Lakatosh and Griffin Stewart at Flatbooks.  These guys were invaluable and had great suggestions for improvements. They really made it easy for me and I appreciate all of their advice.

Please click here to get your copy of Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture.

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