My Friend Niki

Niki & me in Barbados
Niki & Me

That's a snapshot of me with my friend Niki taken about seven years ago. It was the day before her wedding (or was it two days before?) in Barbados. She's from there, her parents still live there, so the wedding was there. Almost as important are those little cups full of rum punch.  I started training with her ten years ago and she helped me get in pretty good shape.  Now I've regained some weight.  She's still the same (although she gained a husband and two boys).  We still workout two days a week where she forces me to run up and down stairs and lift heavy objects. I ask her why she does this to me and she replies with all the innocence of Forest Gump, “because you pay me to.”

Why am I writing about her today with this crappy picture taken with a Nikon E775 point & shoot? Mostly because she's been after me to start doing my cardio exercise on days when she isn't forcing me to lift heavy objects. I used to exercise six days a week.  Then it was five days.  Then three days and finally just the two that I workout with her. Rather than working from home, I've spent this year working in the office.  That gives me about three hours or so of my own time once I get home.  A good 45 minutes of cardio, cool down time and a shower eats up close to an hour and a half. Somewhere in that time, I still have to cook dinner, iron a shirt, write a blog post, pack the gym bag for the next day when she forces me to lift more heavy objects, etc. Basically, it was easy to let the exercise slide and expand my horizons, so to speak. Hence, she's been after me to pick up my exercise outside of our appointments.  After all, I pay her to do that.

Tonight, I actually did it. I got on my spinning bike and literally pedaled my ass off.  Apparently it will take more than one effort, but I started. So now I don't really have time to think about a topic, explore it, and post it here. I blame Niki for that. Now I have to go to bed so she can force me to lift heavy objects tomorrow morning.

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