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Perfect Photo Suite by onOne Software Discounted

Perfect Photo Suite by onOne Software Discounted

I wanted to pass along this promotion for Perfect Photo Suite by onOne software because it's a good value, but only for a limited time. Not only do you get Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 for a $100 savings, but you also some bonus DVDs with the package:

  • Best of the onOne University
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Crash Course

You can read my review of Perfect Photo Suite if you aren't familiar with it. If you want to take advantage of the sale, just click on the banner link above and it will take you to a special landing page to get the deal.

If you're reading this after the special expires, you can still save 15% using my coupon code: WBEEMPHOTO. I'm a big fan of onOne software and this really is a great collection of tools for every kind of photo. Check out my review to see how all of the components come together to make a comprehensive post processing suite.

Ginger [pinit]

perfect photo suite

Ginger – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

The last time I showed you a photo of Ginger, she was naked from the waist down and in black & white.  Well, I am nothing if not a study in contrasts.  This time you get to see her covered from the waist up in full color.  You're welcome.

My friend Steve and I booked a half day shooting with Ginger.  We had a great time.  Well, I had a great time and they seemed to have a great time, but I probably shouldn't make claims on their behalf. Steve had the idea of brining that red cloth because of a shot he had in mind. The idea was to have Ginger stretching out and held back by the material. That meant we had to take turns holding the other end of the cloth.

When it was my turn, I was surprised just how much force she put into stretching into that cloth.  I told her if I lost my grip that I would shout the word “TORPEDO” as a warning. Curious as to what that meant, I told her it meant her ass was going to go flying like a torpedo toward's the wall because I lost my grip.  It seemed rather obvious to me, but sometimes you have to explain these things. Fortunately, we didn't launch any torpedoes that day.


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