3 Signs Portrait Photography Isn't For You

PF 068 Reloaded – 3 Signs Portrait Photography Isn’t for You

This episode is a playback of a prior episode:  PF 068 – 3 Signs Portrait Photography Isn't for You.

Blame Tové


Our daughter Tové celebrated her 16th birthday and that's a big milestone for a teenage girl. She had a wonderful time celebrating with her friends, celebrating with family, and celebrating at home. All of those celebrations took an incredibly surprising amount of time and we just couldn't fit in a podcast this week.

If all the birthday celebrations weren't enough, we also did a home studio photo session this weekend. Lee needed some fitness photos for her blog, featuring both running and now kickboxing. Tové wanted some specific birthday photos, which included the odd combination of bubbles and confetti.

It made a horrible mess, but that's part of why we have seamless paper for these sessions. It's also why Tové gets her photos last.

3 Signs Portrait Photography Isn't for You

You can read the details of the show notes on the original podcast, but here are the highlights.

Sometimes things go wrong. There's time to setup and time to tear down your self. All of these things can add a bit of pressure to your portrait session, so use this episode as a cautionary tale and do a great job of planning your time and expectations.


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  1. This podcast really tells you your skills on where you are good at or not, I mean we must evaluate ourselves when it comes to photography, maybe we could have more practice, or study or learn from experts…

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