Sunset over palm trees in Captiva, FL

Sanibel Island Resorts

Sanibel Island Resorts

Sanibel Island Resorts – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Summer at Sanibel Island Resorts

This is one of those Florida scenes that probably means more to me than anyone else. It reminds me of being a barefoot boy going to the beach, scrambling down a dirt road, or just listening to the breeze rustling the palms.  I'm sure everyone has something like comforting from their own youth.  Something you see and it just takes you back to a nice, simple time when you could run around without worry – until your mother called to come inside.

My family spent a lot of our summer vacation time in different Sanibel Island Resorts. My parents got into the time share craze because of me.  I learned that I could get a free 35mm camera by visiting one of those places in Daytona Beach.  My parents went along with me, though I'm sure they didn't want to do it.  That's just one of those supportive things that parents do (not to mention a free 35mm camera was better than me bugging them to buy me one).

It turns out that the free camera was a piece of plastic crap, but my father surprised me buy actually buying a week at the timeshare place.  We still have it, too. It's being used next week. Things really hit their stride when my parents bought a timeshare at one of the Sanibel Island Resorts – Tortuga Beach Resort. They liked it so much that they bought another week on the back end to just relax.  Neither of my parents liked to fly and almost all of our vacations were in the state.  Oddly enough, they seemed to get over that once I left the house.  Hmm.

No matter, these are the summer scenes burned into my mind.  I think I'll go crash a couple of days at the Sanibel place this summer and spend some time at the Mucky Duck.

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