Dinoland at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Aperture or Lightroom?

Dinoland Doesn’t everyone have a Brontosaurus in their back yard? I happened to find one of those rare time when Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom was open past sunset. This is an area of the park I’ve always avoided during the day, but it seemed to take on a different personality at night.  The lights really […]

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Zam Wessell and a Gammorean from Star Wars

Aperture 3 Update

Zam Wessel and a Gammorean I didn’t plan on posting another photo from the Hyperspace Hoopla so soon, but it kind of reminded me of the near-constant debate of Aperture vs. Lightroom. Both are capable products with legions of satisfied customers and each does, for the most part, what the other one does.  Each has […]

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Why I’m Still Not Switching to Lightroom 4

Escape from Hoover Dam! These steps inside of Hoover Dam are the ultimate stair master!  They’re at such a steep angle that they have more in common with a ladder than a staircase. Just imagine being deep inside this mammoth concrete structure and something goes wrong – like a power failure or explosion. The elevators […]

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The DNG Trap

A friend contacted me this weekend. Back when it was time to choose a Digital Asset Manager (DAM), he weighed back & forth with Aperture and Lightroom, ultimately going with the latter. Recently, he came to the conclusion that Aperture would be more to his liking. Then, a funny thing happened – except that it […]

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Exploring Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2.0

Last week, Nik Software announced the release of its next version of Silver Efex Pro. Many of my friends already had the software on order (I have a whole rant against the phrase “pre-order”, but I’ll spare you), but I hadn’t made up my mind yet. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m far more passionate about […]

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The Truth About HDR

Last week, Steve Jobs introduced an updated Apple TV and declared the HD revolution was over – HD won.  It’s true. I can’t recall that last time I turned to a non-HD channel on my cable box. I want the full resolution of that beautiful 50″ plasma screen every time I see it.  The change […]

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