Stormtroopers after the Battle for Endor

Stormtroopers After the Battle for Endor

Stormtroopers after the Battle for Endor [pinit]

Stormtroopers after the Battle for Endor

Stormtroopers after the Battle for Endor – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Do you ever wonder what happened to the Stormtroopers after the battle for Endor? We know everyone on the Death Star went ka-blooey, but there were still thousands of Stormtroopers (scouts, officers, etc) left stuck after the battle for Endor. Once they figured out the Emperor and Darth Vader were dead, they had to fend for themselves or get killed by ravenous Ewoks. That means anyone with fast transportation was suddenly very, very attractive.

I saw Femtrooper Julie nearby this Battle for Endor set during Star Wars Celebration VI and hatched an idea. It was more of a plot than an idea. A scheme, perhaps. Femtrooper Julie isn't your average Stormtrooper. If she survived the Battle for Endor, then I have to figure she's going to get out of the way of those ravenous Ewoks. If she didn't have a ride of her own, it was time to hitchhike out of there.

One of the things I really enjoy about the people at Star Wars Celebration VI is their joyful willingness to collaborate with a photo. Julie was no different. I mentioned my Stormtrooper hitchhiker idea and she was down for it. All we did was wait briefly for the line of folks who were taking their photo with the Scout Bike and then we snapped this shot. Got in and got out rather quickly, as more folks were coming up to take shots.

Anytime you get some of these characters together on a set with an idea, it creates another problem, though.  Everyone else comes up with their camera and starts snapping.  That doesn't bother me, but it's a real pain when they use flash – as someone did during one of my frames on the bracket for this shot. It left a really hard shadow of Julie on the background and changed the exposure I needed for my HDR. Unfortunately, I didn't discover it until I was home or I would have fed that photographer to the nearest Wampa.

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