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My Photography eBook is Now on Kindle

What Every Photographer Should Know – Photography eBook It’s pretty rare for me to post something on the weekend, but I’m excited to announce that my photography eBook – What Every Photographer Should Know – is now available on as a Kindle eBook. The Art isn’t in the Camera – It’s in You Maybe […]

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Trash the Dress

The Princess of Ponce Inlet

Hello, Rachael! Today, I just want to say hello to Rachael.  She’s a reader who contacted me with nice things to say.  She was also nice enough to let me know that I blew up my Suburbia Press site.  It seems she was trying to buy one of my eBooks and there was no button […]

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Tatiana Paris

What Every Photographer Should Know

Create Photos that Make You Proud I’m happy to announce another ebook on Suburbia Press – What Every Photographer Should Know. How wonderful would you feel if you knew you could always count on making a great photo? Why is it that some people seem to “get” photography and others struggle with it? What do […]

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A Free eBook About Disney Photography

 City Hall I really like the architecture on Main Street at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It’s not just quaint.  It’s inviting.  You can’t resist stepping inside these buildings (especially on a muggy day when you need a blast from the air conditioner).  Maybe it’s because I’m left-handed, but I always enter the Magic Kingdom on […]

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A Muse

One Thing Leads to Another I like to wander around the resorts when I visit Las Vegas.  There are always familiar scenes and there are new decorations.  It’s a bit of a mix. The lobby of The Venetian is one of those familiar things that I like to shoot.  I keep trying to find a […]

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A Couple of New eBooks

Say Hello to Suburbia Press I’m excited to announce the launch of a new site – Suburbia Press. Having spent the past few months developing new eBooks, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to create a separate storefront from this blog.  Partly due to technical eCommerce reasons, and partly due business reasons. Some […]

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