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My Photography eBook is Now on Kindle

What Every Photographer Should Know – Photography eBook It’s pretty rare for me to post something on the weekend, but I’m excited to announce that my photography eBook – What Every Photographer Should Know – is now available on as a Kindle eBook. The Art isn’t in the Camera – It’s in You Maybe […]

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Trash the Dress

The Princess of Ponce Inlet

Hello, Rachael! Today, I just want to say hello to Rachael.  She’s a reader who contacted me with nice things to say.  She was also nice enough to let me know that I blew up my Suburbia Press site.  It seems she was trying to buy one of my eBooks and there was no button […]

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Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture

My Aperture Tutorial is on Flatbooks!

  I’m happy to announce that Flatbooks is now carrying my Aperture tutorial eBook – Professional Photography Workflow with Aperture. You can find both the regular eBook version there and also the bonus version that includes the eBook and nearly an hour of HD video recording showing how to create your ideal Aperture workflow. Aperture […]

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Tatiana Paris

What Every Photographer Should Know

Create Photos that Make You Proud I’m happy to announce another ebook on Suburbia Press – What Every Photographer Should Know. How wonderful would you feel if you knew you could always count on making a great photo? Why is it that some people seem to “get” photography and others struggle with it? What do […]

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A Free eBook About Disney Photography

 City Hall I really like the architecture on Main Street at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It’s not just quaint.  It’s inviting.  You can’t resist stepping inside these buildings (especially on a muggy day when you need a blast from the air conditioner).  Maybe it’s because I’m left-handed, but I always enter the Magic Kingdom on […]

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A Muse

One Thing Leads to Another I like to wander around the resorts when I visit Las Vegas.  There are always familiar scenes and there are new decorations.  It’s a bit of a mix. The lobby of The Venetian is one of those familiar things that I like to shoot.  I keep trying to find a […]

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