The New Fantasyland At Walt Disney World

I spent some time shooting pictures in the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. Turns out that there are some things you don't notice until you review the photos.

Attention to Detail

I like to think that I'm an observant person. Sometimes I will just pick a spot and watch what goes on around me for an hour or two. That was part of my weekend experience at the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World.  I wanted to take a twilight shot of Prince Eric's castle that's part of the new Little Mermaid ride.

It's not that I haven't photographed that place before. I just didn't like the sky, so I wanted to do it again. This time, with some clouds.

We had clouds last Saturday. Lots of clouds. It even rained on me for a while as I stood outside of the Little Mermaid ride waiting for the sunset. The blue sky with fluffy clouds turned dark. The clouds turned black. It rained, the sky turned grey.

Then, as the sun went down, every single cloud disappeared. I had the same kind of crappy sky for twilight as I did on my last shot. A couple hours of waiting right down the drain.

While I was waiting, I had time to check out the people around me. I took a few photos for couples who wanted a snapshot in front of Prince Eric's Castle. I watched a cast member endlessly sort a plethora of baby strollers parked nearby. I also scouted for other scenes to photograph.

Gaston's Tavern in the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World

I took my shots of Prince Eric's Castle, but only because I spent time waiting there. I'm not expecting a great result. However, Gaston's Tavern is one of  the other relatively new areas in the new Fantasyland and I've never shot it before.

That's because it's a very popular area. For some reason, this fountain in front of the tavern became a very popular spot for people to hang out.

Some want to take a snapshot in front of the statue. Mostly, I guess folks find it a place to rest their bones for a moment before trudging off to another part of the Magic Kingdom.

I spent a little time trying to wait for a clean shot without many folks around, but it wasn't going to happen. The place is too popular. If you want a shot without people, you need to wait until closing time and be the last person out of there.

During my time observing this place, nothing really struck me as odd or out of place. That changed when I checked out my photos at home.

Sometimes this happens. You see something that you didn't notice during a shoot. However, this one bothers me because, as I mentioned, I tend to think I'm an observant person.

Yet I didn't notice this while standing right in front of it, and it seems that no one else hanging around this statue noticed it, either.

So I have to ask you. Why is the little guy in the statue staring straight up into Gaston's crotch with a big grin on his face?

The New Fantasyland At Walt Disney World

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  • Scott Baxter December 4, 2013   Reply →

    LeFou (the “little guy”) practically worships Gaston in the film. The song “Gaston” is essentially LeFou extolling his hero’s prowess … so in a less family-friendly version of the story, he might have gotten a verse that would address this as well.

    This makes me glad it WAS a family-friendly film!

    I see a couple of guys on Twitter who seem to get good-to-excellent sunrises and sunsets on a near-daily basis, based on how often they post new photos depicting same. I often wonder what sort of arcane tribal dance they’re doing that gets such good results. I have a couple of locations very near where I work for which I’ve waited a couple of months for a decent sunset.

  • Tassiana November 23, 2015   Reply →

    JT I know! I wonder if we’ll be able to buy them in the sure-to-be-there gift shop!NT3 Belle consomsiimed it to remember the person she REALLY fell in love with, not this crazy blonde guy she lives with now. OR the Beast consomsiimed it to remind himself of the lesson learned. (See? I’m great at coming up with stories. I’m like, totally an Imagineer.)Carrie Ha ha ha!! I know, right?? Best concept art ever. That girl totally has a beard Sarah Ba ha ha we know, but it SO looks like a beard! I can’t wait, either! Maybe they’ll serve Butterbeer!!! (Nope wrong park.)

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