The Tiger Inside

Body Art on Female
The Tiger Inside - © Copyright 2011 by William Beem

I can't recall meeting an Australian that I didn't like.  Of all Australians, my two favorites have to by Lynne Jamieson and Kelly Virgona.  I met them at the Face And Body Art International Conference here in Orlando a few years ago when I covered it for the Orlando Sentinel. Lynne is the artist and you see Kelly here as her model, but she's also an artist.

Both of them were full of whimsy, national pride and an unassuming self-confidence. Of all the art that I've seen Lynne paint on Kelly, I think this one is probably the most true to heart.  Kelly has a tiger inside, but it's not the kind that will eat your face off.  Hers is a happy tiger – ready to have fun, but unafraid to do it on her own terms.

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