Damn Droids

Those Damn Droids

Those Damn Droids [pinit]

Those Damn Droids

Those Damn Droids – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

This is why the Stormtroopers could never find those damn droids they were looking for. (note: you have no idea how much it pains me to end a sentence with a preposition)

The problem with searching for those damn droids doesn't really rest with the droids themselves. Most droids want to be found. That's because if they're not found, they're lost. C-3PO definitely hated being lost, so we have to assume that's a bad thing for a droid. Better to be found by Imperial Stormtroopers than those damn Jawas.

The problem with Jawas is that they only know a few words. How many different ways can you say “Utinni?” That's because they communicate by smell more than vocabulary. Let's face it, those smells can't be pleasant. We're talking about creatures that live in a hot, desert climate while dressed in robes they never seem to change while working on greasy, lost droids. This is not a recipe for an agreeable fragrance. Jawas are stinky little bastards.

You have to admit that some of those damn droids are getting a bit uppity. Imagine if your iMac was as sassy as R2-D2. Sure, it may seem cute at first. Once that wears off and you're trying to finish some work, that sassy behavior becomes pretty annoying.

On the other hand, those damn droids are faster than the look. R2-D2 may have been poking along in the films, but he's got some speed. I know that because I watched the Droid Races during Star Wars Celebration (V and VI). I don't know how they do manage to go around curves at speed without wiping out, but some of those puppies looked turbo charged. Screw NASCAR. I'd rather see Droid Races on TV.

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