Welcome to the Discount Segment

[bgsection pex_attr_title=”Welcome!” pex_attr_subtitle=”Thanks for Subscribing to our Discounts Segment” pex_attr_undefined=”undefined” pex_attr_style=”section-light” pex_attr_bgcolor=”f7f7f7″ pex_attr_image=”” pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.1″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”252525″ pex_attr_textcolor=”777777″ pex_attr_height=”” pex_attr_cssclass=””]If you're reading this page, you probably clicked a link to join our Discounts segment. If you did this by accident, don't worry, we'll show you how to turn it off if you change your mind.

What is a Discount Segment?

From time to time, I receive notices for discounts that I can pass on to subscribers. However, I don't want to spam people with sales and discount notices if they didn't ask for them. That's why I created this segment. It's for people who specifically requested notice of a discount opportunity when it comes out.

These emails aren't on a specific schedule like my weekly email digest. They'll come out as opportunities come to me.

Unfortunately, the times when I receive notice about a discount or savings opportunity don't always fit with my publishing schedule for the weekly digest. I needed a way to share these opportunities in a timely manner, and only with those who expressed an interest.

You can leave any time you like. Each email notice will have a link at the bottom to remove yourself from the discount list of you choose.

What kind of discounts are we talking about?

The notices I send will related to photography topics, which may also include links for some of you who are also bloggers. For example, there may be a sale for some post processing software, online training, or perhaps for some services for bloggers. I include the blogger opportunities because many photographers have their own web site and may be interested to know about some opportunities to save.

These are opportunities available from my affiliates, or sometimes just when I discover a really good deal.

Let me know your feedback and I'll customize the items I send to serve your needs.