What’s Holding You Back?

I appreciate you for taking the time to give me some input about your photography. My goal is to help you improve in the areas where you need it most, so it's important for me to ask you a simple question.

Think about where you are today in your photography, and where you want to be? What's holding you back from achieving your goals?

The questions below are some of the areas where I think I can help, but I need to know what matters most to you.

So thank you very much for giving your feedback. This form doesn't ask for your name or email address. There's no tracking. I just want to know what's holding you back.

Thank you!

What Holds You Back?

What holds you back from creating the photos you want to make?
    Are you struggling about something with your photography? Check the boxes above that apply. It helps me know what kind of things to share that may help answer your problems.
  • What's your biggest challenge? Pick one of these to let me know what's bugging you the most.