Fortune Favors the Bold

Your Chance to Vote

Your chance to vote

Fortune Favors the Bold – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Fortune Favors the Bold [pinit]

I did something bold yesterday. I voted. Why is that bold? It's because I took a risk. Yes, you could say that I risked standing in a long line, as predicted. That wasn't the part that was bold, though. My time from arrival to departure was about 50 minutes. The thing I risked by standing in line with a bunch of strangers was being annoyed and, much worse, reacting to the annoyance.

The reason I knew I was risking annoyance started months ago on social media. People feel compelled spout all sorts of political crap that they think will influence others. It doesn't. Not one piece of that crap posted on Facebook or Google+ had any impact upon my vote. If anything, it merely caused me to re-evaluate who should be my online friend. If you're the kind of person who posts unsolicited political propaganda for me to see, then sayonara. I don't care at all if you have a different opinion or preference than I do.

It's actually interesting to discuss political topics. The thing that I find disinteresting is when folks treat their political beliefs like a sporting event or aren't receptive to a counter-perspective. That's when it ceases to become a discussion and instead becomes a sermon. I'm not a fan of folks preaching down to me, particularly when so many do so with inaccurate information. Does it seem to you like there's more misinformation in this election than any other, or is it because I'm paying closer attention as I get older? Hard to be sure. People arguing about politics has gotten to the point that it's more combative than a pillow fight. In fact, I'm almost sure we can resolve more issues by a pillow fight than we can by social media.

My time in the line while waiting to vote was similar. I listened to comments about people who pulled up to park based upon their appearance, their vehicle and any bumper stickers on them. I heard people ask questions showing that they had no understanding of the issues before them, particularly about the constitutional amendments here in Florida. It's great to have the right to vote. It's important. You would think folks would take some time to read and understand the issues before them before voting. At least I thought that much, but I seem to be wrong. Plenty of folks seem to be content to ask others around them if this amendment was good or bad. Once told whether to vote for it or not, the decision was over. This tells me that the lobbyists are wasting a lot of money with television ads. Instead, they should just setup a booth called “Voting Advice” at each polling station.

That's not my way. Although I have plenty of opinions on issues and candidates, I keep them to myself unless solicited for my opinion. It's good to vote. It's good to talk about the issues. I just don't like modern propaganda through social media. It was much more fun when people used colorful posters for such things.

Your Chance to Vote

Since it's the political season and people like to argue about the candidates, I've decided to do my part. This is the most divisive poll I could construct for photographers. What's your favorite HDR Software? I would genuinely like to know if you have a preference, as it may change some of the content I produce in the future. So let your voice be heard! Just do it here where it counts.

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