Zion – Mount Carmel Highway

Motorcycle riding on the Zion - Mount Carmel Highway

Zion - Mount Carmel Highway - © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Ride Through the Mountains of Zion National Park

One of the benefits of a relatively warm winter this year is that this road isn't covered with snow & ice. Sadly, I didn't have my motorcycle on this trip. Then again, I wouldn't have this photo if I had ridden that day, so it's all good.

During my first stay at Zion National Park, I asked some of the locals in Springdale about the weather and the best time of year to visit.  They told me that Zion only has two kinds of weather:

  • Too damn hot!
  • Too damn cold!

That aside, most folks agreed that September was an ideal time to visit. It turns out that February wasn't so bad when it's a warm winter, too.

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  • Andrea Burlingame April 10, 2013   Reply →

    Gorgeous shot! I am from Portland, Oregon and will be riding in Zion this coming weekend!

    • William Beem April 10, 2013   Reply →

      Thanks, and have fun! Last time I took a motorcycle to Utah in April, a blizzard descended on me as I tried to ride from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas.

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