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  • Discount codes on photography and blogging software
  • A great community of folks sharing the same passion for photography and technology

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Photography Reviews

Please visit my Reviews page.  I’m always adding new photography reviews to this area.  You can find reviews on camera gear, software and educational/training resources for your photography. I show plenty of photos with my lens reviews to give you an idea of how they affect a scene.

My Gear

My Gear page shows you the equipment I use – everything from cameras & lenses to lighting and GPS.  Again, there are more photos to show samples from the different pieces of gear.

My Articles

Looking for a different perspective on photography?  Check out my Articles page for a few tutorials and perspective you may not find elsewhere.

A Strange Path to Photography

 Hi, I’m William Beem and I am a photographer.  That doesn’t mean people hire me to take photos, though. It’s just an admission of an addiction that I’ve had since High School when I used to walk around with an Olympus OM-10 35mm film camera. In fact, I thought I was going to build my career in photography.  Two major schools were on my radar – Brooks Institute in California or (more realistically) Daytona Beach Community College.  DBCC (now Daytona State College) has an outstanding photography program, it was close to home and much less expensive. Then something happened that totally derailed my plans.

A Career in IT

 I got my hands on an Apple ][ computer and a new passion was born. These things were fascinating!  Everything about owning a personal computer was a new experience and people had such great excitement about the possibilities.  I wrote software.  I created my own circuit boards.  My photography fell behind as I developed this new passion into a career working for big name companies.

  • General Mills
  • SunTrust Banks
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • Lockheed Martin

I also spent some time in my career as a freelancer, writing magazine articles, editorial columns and contributing to book on technology.  I consulted for other businesses.  The great part was that I experienced a number of different industries through their technical needs. The bad part was that the passion in the technical industry waned.  There are still people who love it, but the management seemed to switch from people with passion to businessmen who simply looked at technology with no more interest than plumbing.  Technology became a necessary commodity and creativity didn’t factor into the plan.  In short, they took the fun out of the field.

Photography to the Rescue

My field of choice changed from a passion to just another job. I went back to photography as a creative outlet and it was the best decision I ever made. My original passion remained, but I found a diverse community of other people who have just as much interest in creating photos. Also, the technology of photography now takes advantage of things that I learned in my IT career.  Instead of sniffing chemicals in a dark room, I’m processing photos on my computer listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan (at the moment). There are plenty of people who can show me new techniques and appreciate what I have to share.

Favorite Quotes

I’m here to help – Me

No good deed ever goes unpunished – Clare Boothe Luce

I’m worth a million in prizes – Iggy Pop


There’s more to life than any one thing – even photography.

  • Motorcycling – My father used to race and I grew up around them.  I’ve owned many bikes of many types, but just have two Harley’s now.
  • Travel – Who doesn’t like travel as a hobby? This one fits nicely with photography.
  • Video Games – I’m not a hardcore gamer; more of an occasional enthusiast with my XBox 360.
  • Music – I’m an awful guitar player, but that doesn’t stop me from torturing my dogs.  The real musician in my family is my brother.

Black & White image of female model Lauren

Mission: Space at Walt Disney World's Epcot

Statue of Abraham Lincoln inside the Lincoln Memorial

View from the top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

A lonely surfer on the beach at sunset