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Licensing Inquiries

If you would like to license a photo, that's great! Please provide a description of the photo that interests you. If you found the photo online, please provide the URL. That helps me identify the photo in my catalog to determine if it's still available for a license. Some photos do have an exclusive use license.

Please also provide your intended use, which should include the medium where you need to use the photo and how long you wish to have the photo covered under license. Finally, please be sure to provide good contact information so I can follow-up with your license inquiry.

Please state License Inquiry in the Subject field

Guest Posting Inquiries

I receive many inquiries about guest posting. Unfortunately, most of them are inappropriate for this site. Here are some things your inquiry should cover in order for me to consider the request.

  • Propose a topic. I cannot consider your request if you don't tell me what article you want to write.
  • Make sure the topic is relevant to my audience. This is a photography site. Topics that do not help people in my audience won't be accepted.
  • Please do not send me a cut & paste request that you send to every other web site. If the request isn't specifically crafted for this site, I won't accept the proposal. I'm looking for unique articles that benefit my audience.
  • Clearly state “Guest Post” in the subject field. 
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